Austin Area Association for Bilingual Education


Positions up for election - May 2021:

  • Vice President
    • (a) assist in any tasks delegated by the President;

      (b) inform the Executive Board of any needs for new initiatives;

      (c) ensure that the initiatives of the organization, including the information and experiences we provide are in line with the mission and vision of the organization;

      (d) keep in close communication with the Executive Board and the standing committee chairpersons;

      (e) assist the President-Elect as a co-chair of the Membership Committee; and

      (f) support the Secretary and Treasurer in keeping an accurate up-to-date list of AAABE members.

  • Secretary
    • (a) keep a correct record (minutes) and permanent file of all business meetings of the Association and of the Executive Committee meetings; 

      (b) keep a roll of members present at the meetings; 

      (c) carry on any necessary correspondence for the Association; 

      (d) issue notices of all activities which are of general interest to members; and

      (e) maintain a current roster of active members; issue a yearly directory of membership.

  • Parliamentarian
    • assist the President in the maintenance of correct parliamentary procedure during all meetings according to Robert’s Rules of Order.
  • Parent Representative
    • (a) assist the Executive Board in communicating the interests of the parents involved in bilingual education in the greater Austin area;

      (b) be a parent or legal guardian of a child served through a local district in an additive bilingual program; and

      (c) represent the interests and concerns of parents and children regarding equity and excellence in education at the local level.

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