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Why Present?  

Too often, great teaching is confined within the four walls of our classrooms, and campus-wide innovations within the walls of our campuses. We can only continue to improve if we are willing to share methodologies, strategies, and practices that create positive learning environments and offer rich and effective educational experiences for bilingual or multilingual students. This is an opportunity to share the great things that are happening in our classrooms and schools with other educators in our region.

Who Can Present? 

¬°Adelante! has always been billed as a conference by educators, for educators. Each presenter—or in the case of a group presentation, at least one member of the group—must be a current classroom teacher. Teachers, campus leaders, instructional coaches, as well as other members of school communities dedicated to promoting and providing a high-quality education for multilingual students are strongly encouraged to submit a proposal.

NOTE: If your purpose in conducting a workshop is to market a product or service—even if it's educational—please register as an exhibitor instead. Promotions or sales are not permitted in the workshops.


Dual Language and other Bilingual educators, administrators and parents from school districts in the Central Texas area are the target audience.


Presenters must provide their own laptops, data projectors (usually acquired from your school/district), adapters, and speakers.


To be considered, a proposal must (a) be in tune with the theme of this year's conference, and (b) fall into one of the following three categories:

Interactive Panel Discussion (45 minutes) — A panel discussion with two or more discussants exploring an issue or topic of significance in multilingual or dual language education. The panel invites attendee interaction through dialogue and questioning.

Presentation and Discussion (45 minutes) — Through the presentation and discussion format, presenters provide attendees insight into an issue or topic of significance in multilingual or dual language education through various mediums (video, role play, or PowerPoint, for example). During or immediately following the presentation, attendees are invited to discuss their thoughts and questions in order to extend the learning.

Hands-On Workshop (45 minutes) — Through the hands-on workshop, presenters provide the audience opportunities to construct a working knowledge of an issue or topic of significance in multilingual or dual language education. In this setting, attendees increase their understanding by participating in hands-on activities.

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